Mission & Vision

Above: HollyAnne Knight (left), and Ashley Fortin (right) meet with Mark (center) from CURE Childhood Cancer.  

Mission Statement

Quilts for CURE exists to raise awareness in the quilting and arts communities for childhood cancer, to mobilize the quilting community to bring comfort to children in treatment, to use quilting to reduce rates of PTSD in cancer fighting families, to raise financial resources for safer and more effective treatments for childhood cancer, and to honor children across the United States who have fought or are fighting for their lives.

Quilts for CURE will pursue these goals through two branches:

  1. E Pluribus Unum Project:
    1. 102 quilts representing the nationwide impact of childhood cancer, the necessity of unifying against this common foe, and honoring cancer fighters across the country
    2. Juried work of other artists reflecting on the significance on childhood cancer
    3. Art shows and auctions to raise awareness and funds
  2. Kylie’s Quilts – Donated quilts for kids entering treatment
    1.  Build network of quilt shops, quilt guilds, and hospitals nationwide so that, as much as possible, donated quilts are given to kids within the same state as the quilter who made them
    2. Host Quilting Bees at shops and guilds to make donation quilts and raise funds
    3. Host Quilting Workshops with kits made of donated supplies for parents, siblings, and even older patience to learn to handstitch a simple four-patch quilts. Having quilts to work on during treatment may help lower the risk of PTSD in cancer-fighting families by giving individuals a sense of focus and a sense of community with other quilters


  1. Demonstrating LOVE and COMPASSION toward these brave families
  2. Rallying creative COMMUNITY toward a common goal
  3. Upholding INTEGRITY in finances and quilt donations

Quilts for Cure Vision Summary

By Visionary and Co-Founder HollyAnne Knight

“As an artist, I am a storyteller. I want my work to tell a story that matters, a story that makes a difference in the world. As overwhelming as the numbers about childhood cancer are, they don’t dig into the lives and experiences of these kids and their families. That’s why Smiley for Kylie is important and captivating– Kylie was more than a number; she was a character in all the best ways, and she mesmerized her audience. What is had for folks outside the childhood cancer community to remember, though, is that there’s a whole ensemble in this musical– thousands and thousands of kids every year who fight a fight like Kylie’s, who may or may not ever have their stories told, who may not have a community like Perimeter School or advocates like CURE to fight the good fight with them.

The E Pluribus Unum Project exists to name as many of the cast members of “Childhood Cancer: The Musical” as possible and to publicly acknowledge and honor them. It exists to educate artists and quilters across the country about the need for funding and the need to give community to these families.

Beyond that, Quilts for Cure ‘puts boots on’ the emotions evoked by growing awareness– to collect and distribute quilts to kids in treatment, to communicate love to cancer-fighting families, to collect money through auctions, events, and donations, and to push back against the high rates of PTSD in families who experience childhood cancer through handcraft and friendship.

We are here with big ideas and big hearts, and I’d like to jump in with both feet for the most worthy of goals: ‘For cancer to die and not the kids.’”