Our Team

John Knight Profile Pic

John Knight, CEO

John has a passion for overcoming obstacles – financial, logistical, technical.  As CEO, his primary goal is to ensure there are no obstacles to Quilt for Cure’s success in raising awareness of childhood cancer and raising funding to find a cure.

HollyAnne Knight Profile Pic

HollyAnne Knight, Co-Founder

HollyAnne Knight is the creative visionary behind the E Pluribus Unum Project and Quilts for Cure. As an artist, she has worked with many mediums, from watercolors to oil paints to wool and now fabric. She believes that all of her creative experiences influence her quilting, giving her a unique and ever-developing approach and style, and her work has been displayed at both the City of Duluth’s City Hall and at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. She is a mother of two, teacher, and entrepreneur, which are key to the heart and operations of this project. In addition to creating the E Pluribus Unum Quilts, HollyAnne serves as social media manager, content writer, primary networker, and quilting instructor. She is excited to use all of her skills to bring “more love and less fear” (Claire Brewster) to the the children and families fighting pediatric cancer and to engage other creatives in that mission as well.

Ashley Fortin Profile Pic

Ashley Fortin

Ashley Fortin is operations and administrator extraordinaire of Quilts for Cure. She commands many skills from her years in customer service and human resources which she puts to use assisting with the day-to-day operations and behind the scenes planning and organizing. Ashley is passionate about administrative tasks and interpersonal skills, and her experience as part of a fast paced start-up company in the heart of Atlanta has taught her to thrive on challenge and blazing a new path to accomplish large goals with short time frames. While corporate work was exciting and often fun, she, as a mother of one, has a passion for paving the way for our children to have the future they deserve, believing that there is nothing greater than the lives of this next generation.